Are you a FitKid? It's up to you!

Being a FitKid is all about choices. It’s about making the healthy choice, whether it’s the food you eat or the way you play. And oh yeah, it’s about getting cool prizes, too.

We know it’s not always easy to pick a healthy snack over a candy bar, or to take the dog for a walk instead of playing a video game (just 5 more minutes, mom!), but this program is designed to reward you for making those good choices. Those rewards are fun prizes you can use to make all your friends jealous. 

This site will help you learn how to make the right choice when you aren’t sure. You can also find all kinds of cool outdoor places to be a FitKid. You’re entitled to a bunch of awesome outdoor experiences and we’re here to help you do them. We also want to hear about the great times you have being a FitKid! Telling your story will help other kids make good choices, too.